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georgie adams


"After 3 years working at A Fine Balance Physio, I set sail (figuratively) for London with the hope of plenty of adventure along the way. 3 years later I am so excited to be back in Perth, back at the clinic and a whole new world of opportunity  and a fiance in tow. And I'm happy to say my time abroad was everything I'd hoped it would be."

I managed to really sink into London life, made a lot of amazing friends and spent a lot of time ducking off to Europe to tick places off my (very long!) travel list. Some highlights were Sailing around Turkey and Croatia, getting lost in Venice, hiking in Scotland and ice swimming in Finland. 


When I wasn’t  lugging my backpack around Europe, I worked in a busy physio clinic in London and developed a special interest in Women’s and Men’s Pelvic Physiotherapy. I love helping people improve bladder & bowel function, and aid in decreasing internal and external pelvic pain. I’m super passionate about getting people back to the things they love most whether it’s running, cross-fit or just picking up their kids.

When I am not physio'ing, you'll find me trying out new recipes in the kitchen (I'm currently on the sourdough bandwagon) or attempting to get used to running in the Perth heat.  


So, if you have any questions about what I do or how I treat, or want to hear some travel stories please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at the clinic and we can chat further. Can’t wait to see some of my previous patients again and meet all the new members of our awesome community, hopefully very soon!