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Running Technique

Good running technique doesn’t come naturally to every runner, although there really are only a few simple things to watch out for. To help you make sure you’re running in a way that properly supports your body, follow the simple tips below.

1. Posture

Probably the most important thing. Run with your shoulders back and level, keeping your chest upright. Avoid rounded or dropped shoulders. Not only will this get uncomfortable, but it also slows you down.

2. Arms

Your arms should swing freely from the shoulder with each step. Try to avoid keeping them stiffly at your sides. During longer runs, swinging your arms over your head and around your back is a great way to ‘refresh’ and remind yourself to loosen up the shoulders joints.

3. Even pressure on both feet

It’s not uncommon for runners to favour one side. This can lead to problems and injury later on, so try make sure your steps are even on both sides and that you land with the same amount of force on both feet.

4. Soft landing

Whether you are a ‘heel striker’ or a ‘toe striker’, try to keep the touch light. Focus on putting energy into pushing off and forward from the ground rather than landing heavily. Some runners will tell you that the perfect run style is one where you can’t hear your own footsteps.

5. Have fun

Remember that running should be fun, and you don't need to hurt yourself to enjoy the benefits - quite the opposite. So stay relaxed and you'll allow your body to flow more efficiently and with less chance of injury.

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