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You know it’s important to look after your body, and remedial massage is a fantastic strategy to keep you feeling freer, reduce stress and allow you to return to and maintain better physical function.
Often our lives are so busy that we can’t get it all right all the time. Eating well, sleeping enough, managing stress, and getting enough exercise. But did you know that even the highest paid athletes, who don’t have such worries, also get regular massage?
Remedial massage is a combination of deep tissue massage techniques which are employed to release tension in the soft tissues to improve function and range of motion, relieve pain, induce relaxation and promote healing and wellbeing throughout the body.
Techniques such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release, sports massage, and passive stretching are used to treat areas of pain and discomfort and your therapist will discuss your individual needs and barriers to feeling better. Their aim is to work out the most effective intervention for the greatest and fastest benefits.
Evidence has shown massage can also help to reduce stress and anxiety by lowering blood pressure, activating the parasympathetic system and increasing the body’s ability to produce endorphins. It can also help to increase circulation, improve muscle tone and stimulate digestion and immunity responses.
So, do yourself a favour, and start being a better you. Perhaps massage can be the key that unlocks many other important healthy and rewarding strategies in your life.
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