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Practising Yoga

Online Well-being classes

Maintaining mental and physical health during this tough time is essential, especially if your freedom of movement, and access to exercise equipment has been restricted.
Our online well-being classes are run online by our physiotherapists for you in the comfort of your own home. Recondition your body in small online groups with constant adaptation and support, and be part of our community as we work through this together.
It’s a fun and safe way to maximise your strength and confidence and reduce the risk of further injury or flare up. Classes are small – a maximum of 12 people – meaning you get close attention and can gain from each other’s experiences with pain and recovery. And you’ll have a laugh along the way which is so important right now.
No special equipment required, we'll use what's available in everyone's homes.
Ideal for improving general fitness, flexibility, mobility, balance and muscle tone: this is an excellent opportunity to start enjoying your body, feeling more confident and being a better you. As well as balancing some of the cost of being so close to the pantry while we are isolating.
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