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Susan's Cape to Cape

With her permission, I am proud to share this email I received recently from one of our patients recently. Susan had eagerly accepted the challenge of walking the Cape to Cape with a friend, but quickly became aware that what the mind wants and the body can do are two different things.

Some drastic changes were needed in a short time frame. I didn't sugar coat it, this was going to be hard work, it wasn't something I could do for her. And Susan was up for the challenge.

I hope this helps inspire those of you who read it to pick a challenge, identify the barriers to achieving it, and work hard to remove them on your way to success.

Hi Roshan

I made it! Thanks mostly to your enforced calf raises for sure.

The second day was a killer for me, having no good sense of what 21 km of difficult terrain was like. Thought about chucking it all in at this point, but pushed on and through. The gods were smiling down at us we were told, as the conditions were all in our favour, the sand never so hard, the river crossing rarely so easy. Ha!!

The guides were all great, the pace, though at times, was grueling as deadlines had to be met at the end of the day. It has given me a taste for it and a benchmark to measure all future treks (there will be more). Thanks for your support and guidance in getting me “match ready”. I would not have been able to do it without your help.

Here’s a couple of photos for you. One walking on Day 2, still smiling. The other at Cape Leeuwin albeit  foot sore and a face full of cold sores, but with a celebratory glass of bubbles.

Kind regards


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