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Goodbye 2020!

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

So much has been written already about the year that is 2020. Our world became a lot smaller, and changed so much that we can hardly remember how it all started. At the start of March this year I was stand up paddle boarding with dolphins down south thinking everything was going to be fine...

I won't dwell on what happened next, except to say that it brought out the best in us (let's not talk about the toilet paper). I was overcome with what I saw on a daily basis in the rooms. It was inspiring to see how everyone adapted and made the most of such trying times. It was interesting to see the personal journey of so many people up close, when confronted with the question of what really matters most.

I'm so proud of everyone who injected meaningful change into their lives, whether it was work, family and friendships, exercise and diet, or a journey of mental health. I've never enjoyed my physio more than in the second half of this year. And while it was more emotionally exhausting than physically, I feel deeply rewarded to be part of this change.

My friends joke that it took a worldwide pandemic to break me, and the madness with which I was running my life. I can honestly say I am a COVID phoenix; I have risen from what looked like ashes to be better mentally, physically and professionally than I've been in years. Trading Saturdays at work to do little athletics with my girls, getting my 3 year boat restoration project to the end, taking time to tend my chickens and my garden has all been amazing. It's now time I enjoy, rather than obligations that I have to fit in around work.

In the clinic, we are back and bustling. I am so sad that we couldn't host the Patient Party this year, but nothing will stop us holding it in 2021! While Charlie will leave us in the new year to move back home to NSW, we will be welcoming a seriously first class member to our physio team (Nicola Trinder), who brings a wealth of experience in life and complex pain. We are on the lookout for another massage therapist, and I'm hopeful of announcing another exciting addition to the team early in the new year. I can honestly say that in May this year I thought it would soon just be me left in the clinic, Winston keeping me company and a very dreary existence treating in PPE. How lucky are we here in WA?!

Our success is not without its costs. Apart from border closures affecting families reconnecting, what I have noticed recently, and of course Christmas does this automatically, is how stressed everyone is becoming. With no real breaks throughout the year, no overseas travel on the horizon and even interstate travel in a state of upheaval, we haven't really rested all year. Have you noticed how many people have come down with a cold in the last month? We're all burnt out. So it's really important that we be mindful of this, and make this summer about restoration. It needs to be about recharging the batteries, holding on to those insights we discovered on what's most important, and making sure that we check in on each other.

Whatever 2021 brings, we'll go in eyes wide open. We're stronger for making it through this year together and better equipped to take on the next challenge. From my family to yours, we wish you a merry Christmas, season's greetings and hope and happiness in new year.

Warm regards


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