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Online Well-being Classes

As we become increasingly isolated our mental and physical health is more at risk than ever.

To that end, we've adapted to provide an online stretch and strength class taken by our physios using the free and easy online video service Zoom.

These classes will provide a sense of community and engagement as we try to maintain activity and flexibility, and offset some of the less desirable effects of being stuck at home such as stiffness and weight gain. At only $8 a class, it's hard to think of what you could be doing that's better for you.

It's easy to book in for a class, and we've got so many throughout the week. Using the online booking function on our website, you'll need to select the class option (shown above) and then choose the day an time. Feel free to do as many classes a week as possible, and try different physios for different styles.

This will also help keep our clinic on life support as we are severely limited in the hands on treatments we can do. We look forward to being fully open again, but until then we'll offer as much help as we can in whatever way we can.

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