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Rosh's Spring Update

It's been a few months since my last update, and haven't we all been busy? AFL Grand Finals, Cleo being found and property booms. It seems we're making the most of our unique bubble. In the clinic we've introduced a new massage therapist Carol, and Nic has moved on to another physio clinic. Our new garden is growing nicely and blooming. Doesn't every physio clinic need a fairy garden? Well, we think so.

That long, wet, grey winter seems to be finally sputtering to a close and soon we'll all be complaining about the heat. The big event in my life recently was that I turned 40! This was an interesting time of personal reflection, where I'd come from, what I'd achieved and what were my priorities. I admit that that it was humbling to see how much I have let go of and how important my time with my family is. I am so grateful for the friendships I have developed with my patients, and feel so lucky to still be quite healthy despite not really practicing what I preach for many years.

I constantly refer to the myself as a COVID Phoenix, and acknowledge that without the disruption it caused to my professional life I would still be working too intensely for too many hours, and worrying about too much, all the while letting my real life pass me by.

So my update this time is brief; it comprises of a big thank you and my wish that you can pause after reading this and spend some time in reflection. Let's make sure that we prioritise the things that really matter, and balance those things we need to do with acts of self-kindness.

Yours in health


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