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Sleep and heal

Sleep, we all know it's important. We have all had days after a poor nights sleep where we feel sluggish or grumpy and generally have bad day as a result.

Lack of sleep, particularly over extended periods can also play a role in intensifying our sensation of pain or discomfort by altering the concentration of neurotransmitters in our rains.

Research has also shown that good sleep patterns can reduce our risk of injury. Did you know a study on army recruits found that those who they ensured had adequte sleep had significantly lower rates of stress fractures?!

So what can we do to get a better night sleep?

Exercise at any stage during the day will help you sleep, more vigouros exercise is best but light exercise is still very helpful.

Artifical light can trick the brain into thinking it is still day time. Avoiding screens before bed or at least using a blue light filter can help ensure your brain is aware it is time to go to sleep.

Aiming to go to bed at a similar time most nights and having a routine that you find relaxing can make getting to sleep a lot easier. Some people find gentle stretches or deep breathing exercises a nicce way to relax before bed.

And avoid caffeine towards the end of the day!

So take some time this week to think about your sleep, your habits surrounding it. Make an effort to provide yourself with a better chance at being a better you by prioritising your sleep.

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