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Autumn 2021

What a difference a year makes. Is there anyone you know that hasn’t experienced great upheaval over the last twelve months?

And what a start to 2021! It’s starting to feel like significant events and disruption is going to be our “new normal.” And through all of this we are the luckiest people on earth to be living in WA. We’ve had the sheer good fortune to be living in the most isolated city, with all its beautiful benefits.

The clinic has been exceptional and with all the changes that have occurred, we’ve lost some really special team members. And in the recent months we’ve been able to add new superstars to our team and there’s a real buzz around the clinic again.

It was an honour and reminder of what we’ve created that so many pre-COVID and current staff members turned out for an informal picnic we had recently (picture below, and apologies for Winston; we just couldn’t get him to turn around!). If there’s one thing I think we’ve all learnt over the past twelve months, it’s the importance of the people in our lives.

It hasn’t all been fun, has it? That Sunday in February was a shock. I think we’d all started to believe we were immune to the chaos, and so the severe lockdown caught a lot of us by surprise. I apologise to those patients whose care was disrupted, we were learning and adapting in real time as information came through. Fingers crossed, should it happen again, we’ll all be better prepared.

I am also pleased to tell you that with Georgie returning, and Nicola joining Toni and I in the physio stakes, we can now offer a much greater availability of appointments, although my diary is still pretty booked out. We’ve also got Annalisa in the office most days, and so if you find the online booking a bit much, leave a voicemail or email reception and one of us will get back to you soon.

I understand that going from three massage therapists to one (Diana), it has made it difficult to book massage appointments as easily as before. We’re looking at this and hoping to expand our options soon and if massage appointments become available, we run a priority list and offer them on Facebook. So, let us know if we should keep you in mind.

I can honestly say that the changes in the clinic have unloaded me in such a way that I didn’t think possible. I admit that I have lectured my patients about work life balance in a “do as I say not as I do” kind of way. It has humbled me to slow down, give more attention and better care and at the same time see more of my wife and kids without the sky falling in. I have realised that the most important things were already here in front of me. As things get busier in WA, my greatest challenge is to keep hold of this balance.

Whatever insights you gained from the hardships of the last twelve months, I wish you the strength to make and sustain the changes that you know are important. Now is the time to do it, because if not now, then when?

Stay well.


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