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Winter 2021 Update

I am getting tired of writing about how much change we're going through, but it never ceases to amaze me.

We are finally finding our rhythm at the clinic, with a stable team and a once-again growing patient community. I"ve noticed with my patients, that life is getting busy.

Seems that the old habits are creeping back in and some of the insights are being forgotten in our race to... wherever we are racing, I guess. One thing I have noticed consistently is how the recent lockdowns disrupted people's exercise and rehab regimes, and often this had a negative impact on their pain and recovery.

Let's be honest, for most of us exercise isn't easy or normal. We're fitting it in around a busy work/life schedule, which very often varies day by day. When we look at it, our exercise, sleep, diet, stress levels are often taken for granted until some symptoms require our direct attention. I am guilty of this myself, so it's easy to recognise in my patients.

Later this year I have a milestone event, in that I will be turning 40. As most people do as they approach these cliffs (well, that's what it feels like), they make change and deal with things they've been ignoring. It's been insightful for me just how inconvenient, costly and time consuming looking after your health can be. I'm trying to fit in many medical appointments, scans, investigations around a busy family and work life and it's not easy.

It's given me even more sympathy when I ask someone to do 10, 20 or even 30 minutes of regular rehab to genuinely shift their problem. But... if you don't find time for health, you'll have to make time for illness.

And of course, part of this is the COVID vaccine. I've had my first jab, so has Nicola and Georgie. I'll be honest and say I didn't have it because I wanted to; I grow my own organic veggies, bake sourdough and raise chickens for eggs - all to be as healthy as possible (let's not talk about the wine). Putting this vaccine in my arm is not about me or what I prefer, it's about all of us, especially the most vulnerable.

I personally know over a dozen people who've lost a loved one to COVID, not old sick people, Mum's and Dad's, brothers, nephews, grandmother's, and friends. Fortunately I haven't lost anyone close to me yet, and I don't want to. There's very little risk in Oz, I'm young(ish) and healthy, I'll probably be OK if I get COVID. I'm not having my jab for myself, I'm having it for that person who might get very sick or die, someone you or I might know and love. So, please do your part and protect our vulnerable. Of course, I understand some people can't or won't, so for the rest of us we need to look after them too.

If things continue as they are in WA, and 55,000 at a footy match is ok, then we should be fine to have our Patient Party, I just can't wait! Normally a regular November fixture, last year was cancelled out of an abundance of caution and uncertainty. So put Wednesday the 17th of November in your calendars and we'll take care of the rest.

Over the next few months you'll notice that our phone system and online booking will change. It's all part of improving the clinic experience adapting to changes in technology. Please let us know if you notice any glitches or things we can tidy up. And finally, with school holidays approaching, I hope you've all got something nice planned, but remember that we are a clinic of parent-therapists and often availability of appointments is reduced over the holidays as we take time out with our families.

So stay warm this winter, try to keep those exercise routines going, let some of the pressure and stress go and be well.

All the best


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